Beta 13: Binder Popup Bubble Is Inconsistent

When you mouse over a binder entry, a popup bubble shows the binder entry title if you have not selected that entry yet. For example, if the binder entry is: “This is my very first binder entry”, that’s what will show in the popup. That’s handy if your titles are longer than the width of the binder.

Once you click on that binder entry, from then on, even if you select other binder entries, when you point to that binder entry, the popup contains a portion of the synopsis that fits in it. It does not show the title anymore.

It would be nice to see the full title all the time, and a portion of the synopsis if possible.


On the one hand, I understand it. If you haven’t clicked on the entry, Scrivener hasn’t read that document yet. It doesn’t have a synopsis to show (the synopsis text is in the same folder as the document file). And it won’t read it until you click on it, because that would cause delay.

On the other hand, seeing the whole doc title would be nice, because mine are sometimes long (“In which the good doctor explores a supposedly dormant volcano,” for example).

Perhaps a checkbox somewhere for a choice would be good (“Show title + synopsis (if loaded) on Binder Mouseover”)? I can see utility for both variations.

Miik, would you be willing to upload a small sample project showing this issue? In my testing I’m getting both synopsis (if there is one) and Title at all times, so I’m not seeing the behaviour you are describing.

Thanks for your help with this!