Beta 13 Bug Report: Not sure what to call it. Description in Body

First a few bits of information.

I’m running Windows 10. I’m installing the 64 bit version.

I am completely uninstalling the program and reinstalling with each new beta.

Here is my problem.

I’m working on one project called Adara_and_Michael. It loaded just fine the first few times after updating to beta 13. Then, I noticed that I was having the ghost comments issue again. That is the issue where comments will reappear after I delete them. The only way to fix that I’ve found is to delete them and immediately close and reopen the document. That seems to keep the comments from coming back.

I was trying to get rid of a bunch of comments so I deleted them, closed the program and double clicked the scrivener icon to open up my project again. Nothing.
I get the beta end date box and it acts like it’s loading files but nothing.

So, I go directly to the file location in my windows explorer and click on it to open it that way. Nothing.

Next, I tried opening one of my other projects that I have in Scrivener 3. It opened. From there, I clicked the file menu, then clicked the recent projects option and was able to open my current project (Adara_and_Michael) that way.

However, when I closed the old project, all of scrivener closed on me and I had to repeat the process because for some reason that specific project will not open when I click it directly and Scrivener will not load when I double click my icon on my desktop.

Try to run Scrivener, or double-click your project file with the Control(Ctrl) key pressed, and check whether this will make any difference.

If this was created in some old Beta, or in Scrivener 1.9.x, that could be a problem. I’m not sure why, but sometimes a project will bring an old Beta’s bugs with it. No idea how that happens.

However, here’s a possible solution, if not an answer as to why:

Create a new project. IMPORT the old project into the new one. Once this is done, the new Beta’s rules should apply, and everything should work fine. You’ll need to move some directories around, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Save it as a new project (“v2” appended to the title, maybe).

If that worked, then zip up the old folder just in case the devs want to see what happened. Don’t use it again; mark it as OLD or BROKEN or something.

If that doesn’t fix the problem… well… not sure what else to try. The advantage is that it won’t break the existing project; it only reads the data from it.

This process loses metadata and keywords, however, as I recall (I’ve had to do this several times, but not recently).

That seemed to work. Thank you! I’ll zip up the old project and just leave it alone for now. Thanks again!

I’ve been having this issue too. I upgraded my project to the Beta well after Beta 13, as I did it in November 2019 (Probably 27 or 28).

Windows 10, 64 bit version, and currently Beta RC 3.