Beta 14, Close Project now closes all projects and Scrivener

With two projects open, I tried to close one with the closing X icon. Everything closed. In the following test, I used <File/Close Project> instead, but with the same result. Both open projects closed and Scrivener exited.

Thanks, Lit and Latte team, for the great work.

Experiencing this now, too. However, this happened to me AFTER another annoying bug.

I opened a project and Scrivener said it was in use.
I’m the only one using the machine. I close all files before exit.
I’m thinking “user.lock” is not always removed on close?
I clicked “Continue” because NOBODY else is using that project.
AFTER that, when I closed that project, Scrivener exited completely, as if it crashed. In fact… it crashed.

I put two minidump files (2 projects were open at the time) in a zip file.

Inspecting the crashed project, I noticed a user.lock file was present.
I opened the project, and Scrivener didn’t even burp on opening a locked project.
The second project open at the time ALSO had a user.lock file present, and also didn’t raise any objections on opening the project.
With the user.lock file present, shouldn’t it have said something?

The problem with crash on exit doesn’t happen all the time. It seems unrelated to anything in particular.

Most likely you experience a crash on closing a project. This is a known issue in Beta 14. Please, try to switch to Corkboard or Outliner mode before closing the project to workaround the problem. Hope this helps.