[Beta 17] Compile Dialog Invisible

So I use Scrievener mainly on iOS (iPad) but I’m also testing out the Windows Beta since I’m considering getting it once it comes out.

This post is for the latest beta (Beta 17).

I go to File > Compile. The current window becomes inactive (title bar grayed out) but the compile dialog does not appear.

Clicking anywhere in the window produces the windows some kind of ringing sound (like the beep you get when you press backspace on the powershell).

Pressing escape closes the invisible dialog and returns focus to the main Scrivener window.

Some other relevant Information: The project was also edited in Scrivener for iOS (on an iPad) saved and synced to my Desktop via Dropbox before I opened it on the Windows version.

Try to open file menu while mantain Alt key pressed and select “Close project and clear interface settings”

Alt+File --> “Close project and clear interface settings”

This happened to me when I wanted to compile on my laptop. While docked with a second screen and the Main Window and the Compile Dialog on that Second Screen with a different resolution setting this worked fine. Without the dock the Compile Dialog was invisible on the laptop screen.

When I placed the Main Window and the Compile Dialog on the laptop screen while docked everything worked fine again after the laptop was undocked.

If anything changed in the Window or Dialog management in Beta 16/17 this may be the cause of this problem.

Hope this helps.

Actually this bug also affects other dialogs like Project/Project Settings.

In my experience, this behavior means a sub-window (or whatever programmers call it) has gotten the focus, but was opened behind the (now-inactive) master window, so you can’t reach it. I find clicking the taskbar button often exposes the sub-window.

I haven’t seen this with Scrivener, but have with other programs. Like AntoniDol, I run a desktop monitor attached to a laptop.