Beta 17 every word underlined as incorrect spelling

Hi there,

Have just installed beta 17 and every word in my project is underlined red as a spelling error. Have checked other projects and have the same issue, and have checked that the correct dictionaries are still installed etc.

Hi there! Which dictionary/languages are you using?

Also, please see this thread as it may help you:

I am not having this issue, however, I am noticing quite a few words that are real words being marked as misspelled. I’m wondering if we should report these words in individual threads or if there is a single thread for reporting this type of thing.

Thank you! Re-installing has fixed the issue

They’re not in its dictionary. You can install a bigger dictionary if you like (I do this myself, every install).

see [url]] for a description of how to do this (it’s for Britain, but substitute US for GB, and everything should work the same).