Beta 18 Log Display and Crash

Today I started beta 18, worked fine yesterday, and noticed a log box displayed in a separate window. Not sure why I am seeing this, but it displays after I press on for expiration date. The Project Template box does display but freezes after selection. I will reinstall the beta, but thought it important to report this.

Before I went to install the beta 18 again, I ran it and it finally worked. The log showed a timer at the end that kept turning on/off and had other log info, maybe Dropbox related.

A debug log is a great thing, but only when I want to look at it or to send to L&L.

I’m sure nobody wants to read this. I figured out why I see a log. I selected “Show Internal Error Alerts” in Options->General. Now I know what that does.

Thanks! It has helped me, I’ve just had the same problem :slight_smile: