Beta Crashes Cannot import word docx

Beta crashes/freezes. Freezes for 10 minutes and cannot import 5-page word docx. Finally closed project. Tried again several times. Finally imported when docx file changed to rtf. Using Word 2011 on Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard.

Tried again with different word docx.
Same results.
Crash - Frozen
Closed proj after waiting 10 minutes

Very strange - could you make it crash again and then paste the crash log into your reply? Also, can you send me a Word document that causes the crash? We’re using new Word importers which depend on Java - do you have a custom Java installation or just the regular one?


Hello Keith, I kind of gave up on importing docx on the beta. I just convert to rtf. RTF import is done in 2 seconds instead of docx freezing for 10 min. I will continue using beta. Could I get the full trial oeriod with the beta? Thanks George

Keith, Beta working ok now. Able to import docx. Thanks George

PS How do I delete this post? Tried to look for instructions but cannot locate. Thanks