Beta 22 Split mash

When the top window is split horizontally, all of the letters in the bottom view are mashed together (letters written on top of each other). As far as I can tell, it tries to squeeze the contents of the entire page in the bottom view.

-It corrects itself when you click the bottom window. Then if you select “No Split” it wall expand correctly, but when you split top window horizontally again, it’s mashed again.

-If you select “No Split” in the bottom window, it will expand correctly. And then when you split the top window horizontally, it will split correctly from then on.

You’ll be happy to know someone else reported this too and Lee’s already working on it for the next beta release (should be out soon). :slight_smile:

Dang. I just found this one and thought I could contribute, but someone else already found it.

If it helps, it only happens when the split is about 1/3 or less of the full screen. It never happens when the split is larger than that. It only happens on the horizontal split, not the vertical.

That’s been my experience as well with this bug. Horizontal and about 1/3 or smaller (that probably depends on total screen height though). Do check out b23 though, this has been reported as fixed in the change notes.

Oh thanks! I clicked on ‘check for updates’ in the Beta 022 and it said I was ‘up to date’. I didn’t realize there was an 023 out there!

Downloading now.