Beta 24 update stalls at "Unpacking icudtl.dat"

I’ve been allowing Scrivener to download and install updates (despite the warnings on even the most recent Beta posts–I would think you wouldn’t enable automatic updates if you didn’t want them tested). It’s worked pretty well up until today, when it stalls out at the “Unpacking C:…\Scrivener\resources\icudtl.dat” stage.

I just figured out what was going on: A pop-up warning “popped under” my browser while I was waiting for the install to complete. It’s the same warning I get every time: It can’t update the registry, because I’m not an administrator on this machine. It’s never seemed to affect Scrivener’s functionality from what I can tell. What is Scrivener trying to add to the registry?

For example upon update Scrivener checks from the registry your last official Scrivener installed location.

Tiho, can’t you get the installer to request admin password, as so many do?

To do this for in-program updates would fix rdale’s problem.

To do this from the full installer, when you see there’s already an admin-installed Scrivener, would mean I and others who operate Windows from a non-administrator login would no longer have to remember to run the full installerk for an update ‘as adminstrator’.

If you don’t do that last, you end up with Scrivener dual installed, in the User area, as wll as in Program Files, and who knows which will actually run, your update or the old. This is not fun to sort out…

We have many users who do not have admin rights, at work for example. Because of this we leave it up to each user to select the preferred installation mode. Obviously we can ask the user during installation, but we have more urgent issues to fix at the moment.

Quite some few settings go into the registry. Your toolbar settings, the location of the install, current version number, default icon, the shell command string to start Scrivener, all the options you set in the Options dialog, the current layout, and the like, in a number of diverse places in the registry.