[BETA 27] Label change not reflected in synopsis title immediately

I encountered a minor UI issue with label colors in the latest beta:


  1. Create a new project
  2. From the menus, select View > Use Label In > Index Cards
  3. Add a file
  4. Set the file label to any of the default “color” options
  5. Click the file in the Binder to view its contents
  6. Open the inspector and make sure the synopsis is visible
  7. Notice that the synopsis color corresponds to the label color
  8. Choose a different, contrasting, label

The background color of the synopsis content changes to match the label, but the title remains the original color.

(If you navigate away from the file and then back to it, both the title and the content of the synopsis match the label color.)

EDIT: I just noticed that the color also does not reflect in the icon at the top of the editor if “Use Label Color in Icons” is enabled.