[Beta 28] Text color Issue when working between Mac and Windows Scrivener 3

I am running into a text color Issue when working between Mac and Windows Scrivener 3. I am using the most current release on the Mac under Mojave, and beta 28 on Windows 10. I use Dropbox to sync and am very careful about making sure Scrivener is closed and Dropbox has fully synced before switching platforms.

I use Mojave’s dark mode and no other changes on Mac Scrivener ( as far as I can tell ). The text is white by default ( visualized as white ). I use Options > Manage > Dark Mode on Windows. The issue is that if I create a new scene or chapter on Windows, the text is visualized in white, and if I view that scene or chapter on Mac, it remains white. However, if I load an older scene or chapter that was created or edited on the Mac, the text is visualized as black, which is an issue.

My “workaround” is to select all the text in the scene or chapter and right-click on the font color button to bring up the premade palette and choose the left-most box with the red slash through it ( I think it removes color, but correct me if I am wrong ). This sets the visualization of the text back to white, just as if I had created the scene or chapter from scratch.

Hopefully, this gives you something to reproduce on your side, and perhaps either let me know how to resolve it or possibly come up with a fix for a future beta.