Beta 34 - unwanted addition to the compile section layouts

You may have been told of this elsewhere because it’s such a glaring bug … when one goes to compile an ebook, the Heading for Chapter One (and subsequent chapters) now has this formula beneath ‘Chapter one’ in the Heading box:
This isn’t editable within the main program and one has to duplicate this Heading and delete the formula on the copy and then save it. I suppose you only do it once, but as that formula doesn’t seem to pull any data in from anywhere, and simply replicates itself as is in an output file under the Chapter headings, it seems pretty pointless.

Also, side issue, is it right that the Edit/Find dialogue box doesn’t work? I can place search terms in the Find and Replace box, but the choices for Next, Previous, Replace etc remain greyed out and won’t work.

Click within the editor you want to search in, to enable the buttons.

Damn it, so simple! I thought I had done that - normal practice - but it seems I hadn’t. Thanks.

I was curious about this, and it seems that $rst_scene means to reset the auto-numbering of scenes. Which seems sensible at beginning of chapters, doesn’t it?

This whole area is pretty under-documented/overly-programmerish-documented so far, in the Help | List of all Placeholders which gets you a pdf about such things.

I couldn’t find scene actually spelled out as an auto-numbered item or anything else, though as far as the software’s concerned it’s no doubt ‘in there’.

Shouldn’t be printing anything, anyway, Is that how you’re noticing it? If so, that sounds like a bug…

Yes, I noticed it in the ‘Chapter Heading’ box when I went to compile my current work but assumed it would disappear in the compilation, and was there simply to increment the Chapter count (though I hadn’t noticed it before.) Then, when I compiled to .mobi and sent it to my Kindle, the same code was visible beneath each Chapter heading, which was indeed correctly formatted as Chapter One, Chapter Two etc.

…those details should indeed make it much clearer where you have been having a problem with this, so much more likely and sooner to get a cure…cheers