beta asking for reg # & shutting down purchased version

I pulled up the Scrivener beta and instead of the usual box saying “This Scrivener for Windows will expire on Monday, April 30, 2012,” I got a box that said something to the effect of: The trial for this software has expired, must buy a copy or put in serial number, etc. etc.

(I have a purchased, registered version of Scrivener in this same computer under another folder. The beta is in a folder called Scrivener Beta)

After that, the beta would not pull up, so I went to the purchased version of Scrivener and got a somewhat similar message, to the effect of: Scrivener has detected an expired version etc etc. put in your serial number, register, etc etc.

Luckily, I had my serial number in a text file in this particular computer so I put it in, and then Scrivener went online to verify. Afterward, both beta and purchased version pulled up without any issues.

A minor annoyance as I was at home and could retrieve my serial number, but would have been a major problem if I’d been out of town with my laptop.

I’d like to know what could have possibly caused this. Generally I use Scrivener on a daily basis, but was busy on a graphic project and hadn’t opened any Scrivener projects in about 3-days, but there were no Win updates in that time frame. I have not installed/uninstalled any programs or changed or re-installed my operating system in any way. I’m not having problems with other software, either.


Question: which version of the beta are you using? Might want to upgrade to the most recent, if you are using a beta version, since there was an unregistering bug that’s supposed to be fixed.

That having been said, on the stable version my fiance (on Windows 7) and I had it unregister itself, but we can’t reproduce. (Both copies are on my serial, and we had to reregister within days of each other, around February.)

I have what I think is the latest beta (1.1.0) due to expire on Monday April 30, 2012