[Beta][Question] Composition Mode.


Composition mode default is black background greyish-white text. At the moment I do not see a way to change this theme? Am I simply missing where the option would be located? Or is this planned to change in the future?

If you go to File -> Options -> Appearance, under “General -> Colors -> Composition Mode” you’ll see some color options. Is this what you were looking for?

Sure was. Somehow I missed that each of the dozen times I looked. facepalm Much appreciated.

The default of black text on dark grey, or at least this is what I’m getting, is not a good choice in my opinion.

Also, unless I’m not understanding how this works, I can’t change the text color. It stays black no matter what.

The default text colour for composition mode is a light grey, but the way that things are currently working, the set appearance colour for the text is essentially what “shows through” when text has no colour applied to it. If text is specifically coloured, e.g. you select some text and make it red, that will remain red rather than appearing in the composition mode text colour. Ergo, it’s possible the text you’re using has a black colour applied (you’ll find this with text that was edited on Mac, which doesn’t have a “no colour” state, or sometimes with text copied or imported from other programs) and selecting it and choosing Format > Text Color > Remove Color (also in the right-click context menu).

There is also a bug we’re investigating whereby changing documents in composition mode is causing the text colour to display black even when normally it would be the composition mode colour, so it could be you’re running into that. Leaving composition mode and re-entering with that document loaded would display the correct colour in that case.

Ok, it’s probably because I go to and from a Mac, but that still strikes me as a bug, just a different one from what I reported. I may go back and forth from a Mac to a Windows box more than once a day and I’m not the only one.

Yes, sorry, I wasn’t clear in my earlier post; we’re in process with composition mode, so this is just how the colours are working presently, but the intention is to enable the composition mode colours to override text colours.

Sounds good! Thanks for the ludicrously quick responses!