Beta that lasts through November?

Any chance there will be a Linux Beta by Oct 31 that won’t expire until after the end of November? I had been thinking of trying to use Scrivener for NanoWrimo, but there is no time to spare if on Nov. 7, the next Beta isn’t immediately ready to install and work done to that point is suddenly unaccessible. I definitely don’t want to risk using it unless I know it won’t expire until nano is over.

You still running Ubuntu 10.04? I’m guessing we could get a .deb file set up pretty quickly, if nothing else. The workaround is to directly access the rtf files, which I’ve done before without the system barfing (despite some, if I remember, sha1sum checksums for the files – which could be regenerated if necessary).

Yes, I’m still on 10.04. I didn’t install it via the .deb file, anyway, so it’s not that. I saw on the Nano forums that there is supposed to be a Windows Nano trial that doesn’t expire until Dec. 7th. I don’t find it mentioned on the Scrivener site though. I guess that’s the thing that bothers me most, is having to hear about things through rumors and other websites. Why is there no official communication? Well, I guess during Nano is not the best time to try something new out, anyway.

You just have to dig a little. I would guess it’s not on virtual billboards so that non-NaNoers don’t get all huffy about the discounts.

Official announcement on … hreads/565

Official announcement here in the forums:

Direct link to the NaNo trial versions for Mac and Windows:

Thanks for those links. I posted a request for a November-long Linux version on the Nanowrimo thread, just in case they might see it there.

UPDATE: Good news, the answer is that a Linux version should be available this weekend!

Hi all,

i posted over in the NaNo forums as well, but I just wanted to let you know, apologetically, that the next Linux update isn’t going to be until next week–in time for the Nov 7th expiration date, but obviously not out before NaNoWriMo starts. Lee worked crazily all weekend but with some urgent bugs coming up and the decision to put the Windows version on pre-order for a week while the last glitches get ironed up, I’m afraid he wasn’t able to squeeze out the Linux update. We’re really sorry about this, and I hope it doesn’t cause too much problem for those of you participating in NaNoWriMo. The next update will of course extend into December, so you’ll only need to update that once to get through to 50K.

To everyone involved (Lee++), thanks for all of the work on this. Even with the bumps in the road, Scrivener is increasing my productivity. (I write very part-time, so the workflow and organization features help keep projects on track after periods of inactivity.)

For those possibly freaking out with the November expiration (or merely concerned about the disruptive possibility of the expiration):
I’m doing my organization and writing in Scrivener for the time being, but I’ve also started exported the files to another drive locally so that I can work on the text independently of the immediate availability of Scrivener. Scrivener is quite happy to import any changes made externally, so I think that this is quite workable as a short term solution (and presumably a longer term one as well, just to keep things in an easily understandable backed-up state) .

FYI, what you can do is leave Scrivener open the night of the 6th. That way you’ll have it all day on the 7th. I don’t know if the loophole of changing your system clock back a day, starting Scrivener, then changing the date back has been closed.

Have there been any news about the availability of the next beta?

I used the software all day today (11/6) on LInux. I exported everything tonight, just in case.

Does the shoe drop tomorrow or am I OK if I made it through today?

You guys make great software.


edit it still works on 11/7

It’ll probably be when the date changes over when it stops working. Mine is working still, as well.

And yay for our own Linux forums!