Beta37: How to edit section layouts?

Now, how doI ditmy sections layouts?
Now, after that window went crazy for so long, it doesn’t open at all anymore. Neither,whenI click on “edit” nor when I - as instructed - double-click on secions layout.

what’s happening here?

It works for me.

You should turn on logging to see if there are any messages coming up when it stalls. The option is in File ▸ Options…, under General: Warnings. You will need to restart after saving this setting.

And then what?
there comes indeed some"not matching …" stuff… What do I do with that? Then the windows opens.
But when I turn this warnings off ater that and restart scrivener, it’s like before: nothing opens when clicking on “edit”
Is that how it’s supposed to work?

btw.When I close the warnings-window, the whole scrivener closes. is that meant to be so?

Anyway, I can’t work with the section layout window, because it still doesn’t resize,but escapes below the bottom of the screen,when I try to click at a corner or at the horizontal bar. What means, I can’t create my own layouts.

Try to switch your screen resolution back to 100% percent and try to display the window again.

If the above does not help, the crash is most likely due to stored faulty last window sizes, try to delete the following registry key:

About the compile format designer falling behind other windows: The compile format editor window is a modal dialog, i.e. it must stay always on top, which is the normal case with big enough monitors. The window staying on top feature is handled by the OS window manager. If it fails staying on top, Scrivener can do nothing as it is the OS window manager in control. Most likely due to the big window size on a small monitor the OS window manager fails to handle this properly.

You keep coming with screen stuff …
But I see this crazy behavior on THREE (!) different screens.
Anyway - whatever screen size and resoltion there might be, it can’t be not normal behavior that it is impossible to resize the window in height. /works only iwith width). There must be a reason for it.
and it’s certainly not anorma lbehavior that the window begins to MOVE across the screen on its own., when I try to graba corner or the horizontal bar.Why does it do that?

And no other window of Scrivener does that. Ican resize everything else, nothing moves on its own.