Better control on the zoom option in Scapple

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m new to Scapple and I’ve started a huge project (an very long historical timeline). Obviously, not all of it is fitting on my screen at 100% zoom, so when I need to move my stuff around, it’s hard for me to have only a tiny slider:

Perhaps I should have started with a different zoom, I’m not sure. But now, I have little space on the zoom slider when I need to see my project as a whole or need to move bigger parts. It’s very hard to be “precise”. (Thanks for the “reset” button though!!! :mrgreen: That’s a big +1! :mrgreen: )

Like this:

As you can see, there’s little room between “100%” zoom and “whole project” and I do struggle between “seeing my project being a little dot of sand” and “seeing it at 100% zoom” :neutral_face:

It would be great if the slider could have a number (%) that I could change myself, so it would be simple and easy to see the project has a whole (say 0%), or part of it (say… 25%)… or something like in Scrivener.

Thank you :blush: :mrgreen:

I have improving the ratio of the default 100% position of the slider on our list of things to look at in the future, already. The main issue with it is that it gives one a huge amount of resolution for zooming in, but not so much for zooming out, which is more likely to be the thing people want to do rather than making their notes 159pt text. So we may adjust that in the future.

That aside, and in the meanwhile, take a look at the View menu, there are a lot of handy zoom options here that have keyboard shortcuts so you can quickly flip between useful settings (such as zooming to your selection, or zooming to show the whole board, then back to 100%). Another tip that isn’t in the menu is the ‘Z’ key. Try zooming to 100%, and then press and hold that key (while not editing text obviously). Now point at something and then let go. You should find that a nice way to get around in huge boards without having to constantly adjust the zoom slider.

OOoooow! Nice one! (the “Z” thingy) :mrgreen:
I’ll abuse that one meanwhile the zoom options gets better :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you :smiley: