Better Novel Template (Because the old one needs updating) Download for Free

I spent a while on this one…

'cause the current one included is lacking. So I added the stuff I wanted Scrivener to have and updated the Manuscript style. I also added a guide for Self-Pub, agents, World building folders for organization, beefed up templates, etc.

The template is PG-13 due to the mention of “Kinks” and “Safe Words” in the character file.

There is a crapload of new icons too that you can add to your projects. 'cause I love color coding my stories. I have ones for Spiral Notebooks, Composition Notebooks and Hardcover Books. All New Icons I created.

Should get past “But How do I create a Chapter and how do I format it?” in the default Novel Template. Things to think about, but also enough flexibility to fit across various genres.


Love the template and will incorporate inside my template, good worldbuilding points and query letter. Your icons are fantastic, but you left a lot of empty space around the icons. I experimented and trimmed the empty space around the png file and resaved using photoshop. The icons become larger and display better, given all the work to create them.
see below.


You put lots of work into this one. Thank you for sharing!


They have shadows as part of the icons intentionally put in. That’s why there is an SVG file included intentionally. Because on mine I have a white background, so they show up well.

Beautiful icons but for windows and my current theme the extra space makes the icon smaller. Thank you for a great template.