Better Page Numbering

Currently (Win version 1.9.7) page numbering only has the ability to ignore the first page and not print on the first page. While this is good for the title page, it ignores the other possibilities for both front and back matter, such as a dedication page, the copyright page, the about the author page, etc.

I’d like to have the ability to a) set my “Page 1” and b) use a different numbering system for different sections of a compile. This would help those who are self-publishing as well as those who are using Scrivener to write non-fiction such as textbooks with appendices or cookbooks.

Yes, more features along these lines are coming, to both macOS and Windows, but even more so for Windows at this point. Recto/verso alternation for headings & margin offsets (so to for example keep page numbers along the outside corners), alternating numeral systems for front matter, number suppression on single-page sections (like part breaks) and much more besides. Scrivener is never going to replace desktop publishing, but the more we can do to reduce fiddly tasks like this in the post-compile phases of a project the better.

For my wish list I also want more options for page numbering in the windows version. And the following was reported by my publisher, so I hope this too gets fixed:

“For some reason, there is code in it that exports to Word, and causes the page numbering never to match up correctly from one computer to another.”

What version are you using? You should report the error in the appropriate forum for that version.



If the page numbering is ever overhauled, I just want add that it would be nice to have more customization features like being able to restart the numbering from 1 with each text doc or folder within a project.

Thanks for an excellent product! Beta for Windows looks fabulous. :slight_smile: