better syncing and collaboration

I’m hoping that with the 1.0 release for Linux, there will be a bigger emphasis on syncing and collaboration. I know some will use Scrivener on Linux as their only version of Scrivener, but for most, I would assume otherwise. I plan on writing equally on my mac, and my netbook running Ubuntu. It would be a huge help to be able to sync to dropbox on my Mac, and then have a native way to sync that with my netbook. Just a thought. Do you think something like this might be included in the 1.0? Thank you.

This post, though initially written about the Mac version, should be generally applicable: Using Scrivener with Dropbox. This is the simplest way to share a project among computers. Another option is to zip the project and move it via flash drive or email or simply put the zipped file in Dropbox and pull it down on the other computer, then unpack and work on it there, zip the updated version and send it back. (More work, obviously, but depending on limitations it might be easier–some people’s companies, for instance, don’t allow Dropbox or similar services on their computers.) Because of the complexity of a project–made up of many files of different sorts that have to be indexed and pulled together properly–it’s always going to be necessary to deal with the entire bundle when moving between machines.

For working just with single files outside of Scrivener, features will be coming to the Windows/Linux version to enable easy syncing with mobile devices. This isn’t for working with the project in Scrivener on different computers, which I gather is what you’re interested in, but it allows a safe way to edit select text files when you’re away from Scrivener and then sync the changes back to Scrivener. Mac 2.0 introduced a couple specialized features to sync with Simplenote and Index Card for iPad as well as a more general external folder sync which can be combined with Dropbox to access your documents across devices. This won’t make it into the initial Windows release, but they’re high on the list of updates, so that should get them into Linux as well.

I use Dropbox today without any additional support from Scrivener. I use Allway Sync on Windows. On Linux, it’s even easier. Just use rsync to Dropbox. And since it requires a separate step to explicitly sync, there is less chance of getting in trouble with Dropbox sync/multiple access issues.

I don’t feel the lack of sync support in Windows Scrivener at all. I currently sync my project to Dropbox every few days and hop merrily between my desktop and laptop with ease. I’m sure I’d feel the same way on the Linux version (but there I’d write a script instead of clicking around like I do on Windows).

Hi, Jravan,

Could you throw a few pointer on how to use rsync with Dropbox? That could solve a lot of problems for me.

Thank you for the replies. I’d be interested in hearing more about the rsync method as well.