Better tools for multiple files being open for reference

I have certain files in my notes area that I need to refer to and update often. For example, I have a file where I am tracking the timeline for all of my characters to make sure I stay accurate and consistent. The best I have found to keep that visible is to have a second document open in scrivener. The trouble is that I also quite often want to go to a previous chapter and refer to dialogue or key moments in that spot for accuracy/consistency. Ultimately, I would love it if I could pop some files out into their own window. That would allow me to leverage multiple displays and also keep some things I refer to often readily available.

How about:

  • Navigate → Open → As Quick Reference for current document in editor?
  • Navigate → Open Quick Reference and choose the document from the menu?
  • Right-click on document in Binder and choose Open → as Quick Reference from the dropdown.

You can have multiple QR windows open. Or investigate using copyholders.



Also use document bookmarks to pov character card, link to last scene they were in etc. set a bookmark to open as QRP and place on second monitor.
I often have scapple open with data to view on second monitor

Setup an index sheets and populate them with internal links or hyperlinks to documents outside of Manuscript, or outside of Scrivener (like in docs for Scapple; Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, whatever), even links to the web.
Pin these documents with links relevant to your project to Project Bookmarks or relevant to say a scene to Documents Bookmarks (the two types are Ctrl+6 away from one another).
Mine all opens in their native format, application, or website, even pictures, via Quick Reference.
For instance (as in my clipping below), after I add something to my Glossary using the Append Selection to Document menu option, I can then access the content of my Glossary via Bookmarks tab in the Inspector. Glossary appears in the preview pane when clicking on my Resources document. Clicking on the Glossary hyperlink, opens the document and allows me add a definition to the piece I appended earlier to the Glossary, at my leisure.

I access my character sheets in the same way: Index sheet of characters attached to Project Bookmarks with a link to each sheet.

I don’t do tiny (side by side or staked) displays. Instead, I toss the Quick Reference window that opens to my external monitor for convenience.

The great thing about Quick Reference windows is you can open as many as you like. You’re not going to kill Scrivener doing it

The main reason I do things this way is it keeps me from bloating my project with reference material. And I don’t work on multiple machines, so all I need to sync are my backups to the cloud and research stuff is kept in a project related folder on my hard drive.


Totally agree love the link pages and use for editing with links to all my editing files (have separate editing project with grammar resources and regex as well). Do for characters and scapple projects. QRP are the way to go especially in a multimonitor setup.

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