Better User Interface


I like the user interface of ulysses 3, iA Writer, OmmWriter, Writer Pro, etc. But the only contra for Scrivener is the user interface style.

Of course, Scrivener has way better functionality, but if you write for long hours, nice looking screens can be a difference. :wink:

What about an update?


Personally, I think most programs like these are generally unsightly, difficult to use, often painfully slow because they override all of the optimised controls, limited in their usage and so trendy that they will require redesign every other year so as to not end up looking like brushed metal, polished oakwood or fat glowing neon triangles or whatever the current definition of “modern” is. The vast majority of Mac software looks and acts the same, meaning everyone knows what a scroll bar looks and acts like, and what a button looks like, which is all much more important than looking cool for a year. :slight_smile:

Basically, Scrivener is kept up to date with Apple’s primary suite of applications, which includes Mail, Pages and other standards. This is, again, how most software is designed for the Mac, and that principle has served the platform well for decades.

`Solarised’ Scrivener is a lovely screen/interface.

That’s another point, there are several trillion (give or take) controls for changing what Scrivener looks like in terms of colours and many other aspects. If you think alternating rows in the Outliner looks too old school, you can get rid of them. If you like a more modern looking corkboard rather than the analogue look, you can do that too. It is still going to be within the framework of what most normal programs look and act like though.

Quit beating around the bush, Ioa. Tell us what you really think.


We used to the the +3 group on board the forums… I’m beginning to wonder if we don’t need a TCC* group for you folks.

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I’m working up to it.

I thought you were our leader… are we back to following vic-k?

Sure, we can remove all the features - then we can have an interface (or lack of one) like Writer Pro and Omm Writer. :wink:

KB campaigning for TCC president.

Well, it doesnt have to be like Writer Pro. But Ulysses has great features and still looks amazing! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t include Ulysses in my diatribe above, I think it has a nice looking interface.

You can of course achieve a very similar look and feel with Scrivener. :slight_smile:

I don’t really know what you’re expecting, or what you mean by “better”. As you point out, Scrivener has more functionality than most of those other programs, so it needs more buttons and controls. But as Ioa has pointed out, you can fully customise the interface and turn a lot of it off if you want, to make it look the way you want it to.

Sure agree with this, although I had some problems with the “highlight” color in the Binder… if you have a dark background in the Binder, I couldn’t figure out a way to set the “selected” color to be light.


I simply think that Scrivener look is amazing.
It’s very powerful and in the same time everything is at its place.

Really, chapeau! :slight_smile:

See also viewtopic.php?f=4&t=25146 (Wish: Add option to specify color of selected Binder entry)

Cheers & Happy 2014, too,

Yep, that’s the very thing… thanks for the pointer to the other thread!


I ask myself whether the initiator of this thread maybe has overlooked the “compose”-functionality and it’s many options? To create a “WriteRoom”-like interface should be a piece of cake.

Pretty interface vs superior functionality…mmm.

Seems a no-brainer to me.

I’d go for the pretty interface… NO I WOULDN’T!

Scrivener ‘just works’ like all good things Mac/iOS.

I’m now 60,000 words into my second book, effortless work in Scrivener (compiling was the only learning curve). Also using it for Uni assignments (Doing another masters at 60+). What is not to like about the program?

Kev, don’t be tempted to go pretty just for pretty’s sake. Keep giving us the superior program!

Scrivener has been the best $$ I’ve spent on a program in MANY years, and the licence is the most family friendly I’ve ever seen.

Looking forward to the iOS version so I can contribute another very modest $ to your retirement fund in return for a massive enhancement in my productivity!

c,mon people. even though we all know people who have had some damn ugly children, it,s against the rules of social conformity to tell people their kids aren,t attractive.

not that this applies in your case, keith. scrivener is a darn good lookin baby.