bibliography manager for ipad

does anyone know of a bibliography manager for ipad? i’m looking for something that (ideally) will interface with bookends, which is my reference manager on my macs.

i could probably use filemaker for this, but i’d prefer something that i didn’t have to take the time to create, if it’s there.

Both Papers and Sente have fully fledged iPad apps but I have no personal experience with either and do not know if importing requires the equivalent program on the Mac as well or if you could export a common format from Bookends and import that into Sente or Papers on the iPad.
That said, I am eyeing an iPad precisely for the purpose of easing the paper reading business so report back if you will.


I remember to have recently read in bookends’ site that the developer is working on an iPad version.

I have Papers on my iPhone and it’s brilliant. Unfortunately, the phone is just a bit too small for reading academic articles. As soon as I can afford an iPad, I’ll be buying one in order to read journal articles and academic texts - it will make my thesis research so much easier*.

I don’t know how it would syncing with Bookends as I use Papers on my desktop too.

[size=85]*The irony is I probably won’t be able to afford one until after I finish my thesis[/size]

I have Sente, both on my Mac and my iPad. Setting up synchronization requires a few steps, but once it is done, it works smoothly. I used to use Bookend, but the clunky interface and the steep upgrade path pushed me to Sente.

Lots of info here about Endnote for iPad.
It’s allegedly in the works for release in 2011.

:unamused: Don’t we have enough EndNote already? :wink:

thanks for the replies. i looked at sente, and if i was at the beginning of this process, i’d certainly download the trial and probably buy it. however, given that i’m NOT at the beginning of this process, i think i’m going to wait and see what the bookends version for ipad looks like.

if it’s a flop, then i’ll wander back to sente and give it a deeper look.

thanks again.