Bibliography s/w users. Do you bother dragging to Scriv?

I originally dropped a lot of my .pdf attachments from EndNote to Scivener - thinking that it would be handy to have research papers at hand in Scrivener - but I’m finding it more of a pain to manage two sets of data, not to mention the large scrivener project that takes forever to back up to my on-line area.

I’m thinking of removing the aforementioned attachments from Scrivener, in preference for cmd + tabbing out to EndNote and accessing them directly from there when required. Given that I need to have EndNote open at the same time for citations, the workflow doesn’t seem too arduous.

Can anyone think of a reason that I might want to consider keeping them in Scrivener (before I go to the trouble - there are a lot of them).



I haven’t really got an opinion either way on which application you should store them in - whichever works best for you - but remember that even if you store them externally, you can still view PDF files in Scrivener by dragging them onto the header bar of the editor. So you can store them in Endnote and still drag them into the header bar for viewing in Scrivener alongside another document.
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