Bibliotech interview


For those who are interested, I was interviewed by Mark Jeffrey of Bibliotech (a great online show about authors and books in the online age) a couple of weeks ago, and the interview was put online a couple of days ago: … scrivener/

It includes a small demo of Scrivener, though I should warn you that because of the UK/US time difference, it was 1am my time so I am even more baggy-eyed and incoherent than usual (which is saying something). Oh, and that’s in spite of playing with the lighting in our kitchen in a vain (in both senses) attempt to hide the bags and pallid skin. :slight_smile:

Thanks to Mark - it was fun speaking to him and I appreciate the coverage.

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Maybe, if you can, it’d be good to link to this video from the home page. It might give people a good introductory idea of what Scrivener is all about. What I find is that many people fail to see how anything but a traditional word processor might be useful. This interview could help them with that.


Hello Declan,

Thanks for the thought. You can find a few basic introductory video tutorials on the L&L website here:

The Bibliotech interview, along with some others, can also be found on our website here: (at the bottom of the page!).

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So I resisted posting this earlier, but I have no self control.

Are we suddenly OK with calling scriv a “word processor”? That has been a bit of a frustration in the past as KB repeatedly said (and rightly so) “Scrivener is not a word processor”.