BIG problem moving my Scrivener 3 project into a new MacBook Air

I just got a new MacBook Air, and loaded it from the backup of my old MacBook Air, but when I opened my Scrivener project on it, the Binder outline structure was completely gone: It was just a long (VERY long) list of documents.

What can I do?

What version of Scrivener did you have on the old system?

How exactly did you transfer the project?

Did Scrivener report any error messages?


Scrivener 3.3.1, transferred through an up-to-date hard drive backup, and no error messages.

“Through an up-to-date hard drive backup.”

Could you be more precise?

Was the hard drive directly connected to the new system, or was there any form of cloud service involved?

Was this a ZIP backup, or an unzipped Scrivener project?

Was this a Time Machine backup, or a direct hard drive copy? If the former, did you restore via the Time Machine interface?

How recently had you opened the project on the old system, and did it behave correctly there?

It sounds as though you’re viewing a collection, perhaps search results, rather than the standard binder. If you view the submenu Navigate ▸ Collections ▸, you’ll see a checkmark indicating what’s currently open in the binder sidebar, and you’ll also be able to select “Binder” to return to the regular binder.

There are a few different indicators you can show or hide in the interface to help make it more obvious when you’re viewing a collection. The name of the collection will always appear at the top of the binder (whereas the standard binder won’t show anything there), but you can also enable View ▸ Show Collections to make the tabs of different collections visible at the top of the binder. This might just be “Binder” and “Search Results” if you haven’t created any other collections of your own. Clicking on the tabs will load them, just like going through the Navigate ▸ Collections ▸ submenu.

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It was a Time Machine back up. The hard drive was connected to the brand new Mac, and I followed the computer’s directions for making the transfer.

I don’t if it was a zip or not. I doubt it. It was whatever Scriverner makes when I say “backup now.”

The project is open on the old computer and behaves perfectly.

(It’s going on 1:00 am here and I should call it a night soon.)

I agree with @MimeticMouton that it sounds like you’re viewing a collection. Nothing in the transfer you describe should have affected the structure of the project at all.

Thank you! That was the problem. :slight_smile:

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