Big Scrivener Survey Results

Hey guys,

Now that the great big scrivener survey is complete and the results were gathered a bit ago, will the results be shared with us? I think that I remember reading in some thread that Keith was open to the possibility. Obviously this is a decision for L&L but I figured i’d ask :slight_smile:


Hi Skyler,

I certainly intend to write a blog post going over the broad strokes of the results. I had hoped to do it this week, but it will most likely be the New Year now. We still have a lot of work to do drilling down into the results, in fact - I expect that will take a long time (although we can go over the broad strokes beforehand). In the end, we had nearly 25,000 completed surveys.

I will say this: we were really happy with Scrivener’s satisfaction rating (88% were satisfied or very satisfied, only 3% were dissatisfied). Other random facts:

  • 14% more men answered the survey than women (54% to 40%).
  • The majority of our users seem to use other tools for final formatting, meaning that we’ve never quite got Compile right (no surprise there).
  • The most frequent sort of writing done in Scrivener is novel-writing (again, no surprise).
  • We have a lot of fantasy writers using Scrivener.
  • Only 5% of respondents would choose the iPad or iPhone as their primary writing tool (as opposed to 50% Mac and 40% Windows). Of course, this might be self-selecting given that our iOS version isn’t as powerful as our desktop versions.

I’ll go into more detail in a future blog post, though. We have thousands of individual responses to go through, too…

All the best,

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Hi Keith,

Thanks for taking the time to make a detailed response and I very much look forward to your blog post! It is awesome to see the lead developer engage with the community as much as you do. Good luck on going through all those responses :slight_smile:


Well said.

Hey Keith,

There is no rush on this at all of course but I was wondering when the results would be finished and shared. I have been really excited to see any outcomes from this :slight_smile:


I’m sure L&L hasn’t forgotten but just in case :slight_smile: When do we think the results of this survey will be able to be shared?

Bump on this. Was wondering if we will see the results of the survey as I’m still curious :slight_smile:

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