Big Scrivener Survey Results

Hi Skyler,

I certainly intend to write a blog post going over the broad strokes of the results. I had hoped to do it this week, but it will most likely be the New Year now. We still have a lot of work to do drilling down into the results, in fact - I expect that will take a long time (although we can go over the broad strokes beforehand). In the end, we had nearly 25,000 completed surveys.

I will say this: we were really happy with Scrivener’s satisfaction rating (88% were satisfied or very satisfied, only 3% were dissatisfied). Other random facts:

  • 14% more men answered the survey than women (54% to 40%).
  • The majority of our users seem to use other tools for final formatting, meaning that we’ve never quite got Compile right (no surprise there).
  • The most frequent sort of writing done in Scrivener is novel-writing (again, no surprise).
  • We have a lot of fantasy writers using Scrivener.
  • Only 5% of respondents would choose the iPad or iPhone as their primary writing tool (as opposed to 50% Mac and 40% Windows). Of course, this might be self-selecting given that our iOS version isn’t as powerful as our desktop versions.

I’ll go into more detail in a future blog post, though. We have thousands of individual responses to go through, too…

All the best,

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