Bigger font for Index cards?

[size=150]I am middle-aged headed toward OLD! My eyes can prove this. I wear bifocals and yet need a second pair of glasses for my computer. Please help! Any way of enlarging the font on the index cards? I don’t feel like pulling out a magnifying glass just yet.[/size] :blush:

Go to Tools->Options->Appearance->Fonts->Corkboard.

The font settings you choose there will affect the cards on the cork board and the one in the inspector.

[size=150]BTW, to give you how much of a beginner I am, I read the whole tutor, (gave up on quite a few things that I didn’t understand,), got all the way to starting my first project, named it, and now this! I did write one index card, before trying your directions.

First, it didn’t accept when I hit “Apply,” so I just hit “Okay.” And then when I went back to that lonely index card, nothing changed. So, something went wrong at “Apply,” I have to start over, or I am still simply lost.[/size]

[size=150]Whoops! It did change the index card size. I was also trying to get the font larger in the synopsis. :blush:[/size]

Text on the front of an index card IS the synopsis for that document, so if you change the text size for the index card as described by Rdale, then it will automatically change the size of the font you see for the synopsis in the inspector.

[size=150]But it didn’t. I even checked again this morning, in case it was a temporary fluke.

Index card is readable.[/size]

Synopsis is dinky.

Keep poking around the same area where you set the index card font. Under the “General” sub-section, there’s a setting for the outliner. Just change that font, and all of the text in the outline view will use those settings, including the synopsis. There are other settings there you might want to adjust, such as the font in the Binder, and the font used in the menu. There’s a “Use default Font” button in case you make some wacky adjustments and want to start over, and a 'Defaults" button at the bottom of the window that lets you reset everything, so don’t worry about screwing up the interface with an injudicious choice of font.

[size=150]I did! It worked. (Made it get smaller at first, but figured it out. lol) Thank you for your effort and patience.[/size]