Biggest File Size for a Scrivener Project?

Hi there,

I’m currently working on a large Scrivener Project that’s about 129MB. How much larger can the project go before I run into problems? I’m expecting it to be about 250MB. Would this cause any runtime issues or corruption?


I have two projects that are nearly two GIGS each.
I think its more of a RAM issue. I’m on an old WinXP 32 bit system with 4G of RAM and have not had any problems.
If you’re on a modern computer with standard RAM I think you will be fine

My ‘project’ deploys about 9000 docs, about 12,000 files in the Docs folder, adding up to a mere 58 MB on the drive, per Windows’ ancient DIR command. We show 20 MB for search.indexes and a bit over 1 MB for the binder file.

But Scriv’s memory footprint per Task Manager is, at the moment, 1,124.8 MB. More than a gig. On a fresh load of the same project, Scriv weighs in at 585 MB. The tutorial loads at 55 MB, so we’ll call that the baseline.

My PC has 12 GB of ram; performance is fine, and we have room to grow. But memory usage seems disproportionate, especially as we’ve sometimes read that the binder model enables Scriv to load only those docs under active edit. For sure, the editor’s UNDO capability is bound to be expensive. And only the developers can know whether the real world footprint comports with the model. But I’m perceiving a memory management issue under vigorous use.

Rgds – Jerome