Bike, solving an annoying problem for RTF Text Editors

A long-standing annoyance of editing with rich text is what happens at the borders of some formatting and adding content, does the content enter the formatting or not. This can be a daily frustration, especially for those of us who will convert styles to markup. This software solves it by visualising the existence of the border and ability to select in/out of the formatting boundry.

I at least would appreciate a tweak similar to this in Scrivener, and I suppose it is something for @KB to ponder as he crunches through the refactoring of Scrivener to take it into the future (whatever that may be…)

Seems a very interesting approach!

However as some of the comments suggest, over the years I’ve developed my own workarounds, though I still get caught out sometimes but it seems I am less time-stressed than many (most?) people so it’s no big deal for me.

If I’d found this a year or so ago, I might have investigated, but at £18 a year subscription to have RTF, as they say on Dragons’ Den, “I’m not going to invest, so I’m out.”

On the other hand, if KB ever came round to emulating it in Scrivener… :laughing:


Yeah, though it does appear a nice piece of software I’m not interested in Bike as a product, just the idea of visualising and interacting with formatting boundaries :+1:

I also developed my workarounds, but this could nevertheless be improved, these small fit and finish issues do make a cumulative difference. Even if Scrivener 4 bites the bullet and removes rich text completely, the idea of semantic containers for text will always cause this issue unless you type the markup explicitly…