Binder adding multiple label colours

Yup another question…

In the Binder: When I go to Labels - Edit - the menu on the left shows three label colours side by side.

Since I often have multiple characters doing things that continue in subsequent chapters I use coloured labels to track my character continuity. I had assumed that I was limited to a single coloured label (Circle) per Binder Folder or Text Scene within the folder.
Does anyone know if multiple coloured labels are possible - I assume if they are it would cancel the Show Colour in Background feature.
Here’s a screen grab of what I am referring to.
Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 3.01.21 PM

It’s not possible to assign more than one label. But color-coded keywords might be useful for what you try to achieve there. In the Outliner, Corkboard or using Collections in the Binder.

Thanks I assumed it was not possible.
I’m trying to streamline my process but will take a look at Collections.

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You can place emojis and/or symbols into Binder title fields––Edit menu > Emojis & Symbols


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Interesting… I assume if I can add multiple Emojis, then I could create a series of custom coloured emoji ‘squares’ and place in the title fields to indicate multiple characters.


You’re welcome.

I’ve never used custom ones. Examples of some that are stock:


I use custom designed Icons to designate days (for example) and unfortunately the way Scrivener emojis work they just replace my custom icon. I was hoping I could do this but it ain’t gonna happen. :red_square: :green_square: :purple_square:

This doesn’t work for you?

Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-25 um 00.17.04

The squares are part of the scene name.

We need to distinguish between document icons, and emoji characters in text fields.

Still might be worth looking into a workflow that makes use of the Outline view for your purpose. The Outline view can be used as a kind of Binder-on-Steroids and is capable of showing a lot more metadata — whether it be keywords or custom metadata.

Is this a Mac only option? I can’t see this in Windows.

If I remember correctly, Outline view is a v3 feature, so if you’re not using Scrivener v3 for Windows, you won’t see it.

I was referring to scshrugged post above about Emoji’s. Have editied to make it clearer.

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Ah, sorry about that. BTW, if you want to easily quote portions of another post in a thread, you can highlight the text you want to quote. As you do so, you should see a “Quote” button appear that you can click – it will start a new reply with the quoted text, like I’ve done here.

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How did you do this?

I’ve just setup Collections and it does a pretty good job for me.

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Just entered them into the input field of the document as text (renaming the title basically).

I only get one label colour and it’s a circle.

Again, this is not a label or icon, it’s just an abuse of the document name.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-25 um 18.40.55

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I don’t know if it’s Mac only. I searched the Windows manual and the closest I came to it was the command for the character map in the Edit menu. I’m not near a Windows machine with Scrivener on it so I can’t test to see what symbols (there’s no mention of emoji) are available.

Click into a Binder document or folder title field as if you were going to enter text, then go to the Edit menu > Character Map to see what you can find. If you find something useful, click it. On Mac, if more than one symbol/emoji is desired in the field, you repeat the process.

Windows manual, last entry at A.3 Edit Menu:

Character Map Loads the system character browser. Use this to insert characters and symbols that are not found on your keyboard.

[Something different–there are a couple of search “hits” in the manual pertaining to using emojis as icons.]

Delving further into this I have discovered that on my iMac if I am entering or have entered in the Folder or Text field and I go to Edit, then open Emojis & Symbols at the bottom - I can drag a maximum of three into the text field. These are specifically Mac generated emojis or symbols.
It is also possible to create your own emojis or symbols… but that is a dance for another day.