Binder auto-selecting sub document

Hi there,

I’m occasionally running into an issue where when I click on a certain document in the binder, the expected synopsis and notes for that document appear very briefly, before the binder then also selects a subdocument within it and shows the details for that instead. It’s like the two documents are linked together and it doesn’t appear possible to deselect the unintended one.

If I move the subdocument outside the parent, it no longer auto selects, but if I move it back in, it then goes back to auto-selecting it like it did before. The only ways I’ve found to break the link are either to copy the note contents to a new one and delete the old one, or moving the subdocument outside its parent, closing Scrivener, then reopening and moving it back in.

I unfortunately don’t know how to replicate the issue to get into this state. Is this a known bug or related to a feature?

To go over intended behaviour, it by design remembers what you select in the corkboard or outliner, so that when you return later on you can more easily return to what you are doing, rather than having to scroll around and hunt for where you were from memory.

If you want to inspect the “container” itself and not any of its child items, then Ctrl+click / Cmd+click on the selected card in the corkboard, or click anywhere in the background. There is also an Edit ▸ Deselect All menu command (focus matters, as that will deselect the binder selection if you do not switch to the corkboard/outliner first).

Whether that describes what you are seeing, I’m unsure, but your approach of removing an item from the context to “break” the persistence certainly makes sense. If it asks to select something that no longer exists, it will revert to no selection.

If you have a more specific problem that isn’t addressed by intended behaviour, let me know what it might take to see it happen. It seems to be something you observe regularly anyway, so there might be some clues in how you are navigating in the project.

It sounds like you’re in Scrivenings mode.

To confirm if that’s the case, put your cursor inside the editor, then choose View > Document (or press Ctrl + 1). That will toggle you between Scrivenings mode and single document mode.


Ah thanks both, yes if I select a subdocument in the corkboard then switch in Scrivenings mode it replicates the behaviour. I can see now it’s because the cursor is within the subdocument, so that makes sense.

I personally find it quite confusing as it’s not clear from Scrivenings mode why the documents are connected or how to break the link. Even moving the cursor to another document within Scrivenings mode, when navigating away and clicking the parent again the old corkboard selection persists. I suppose it’s like the corkboard selection is ‘pinned’, so maybe a pin icon for the document in the binder might make the feature explicit, with a binder context menu option to unpin the document or pin another document.

Sorry, I don’t really understand what you are describing, with documents being linked, or pinning them. This seems maybe an over-complicated way of looking at what is going on, which is maybe the source of feeling like it is confusing? But you could be seeing some bug or something for all I know.

The intended behaviour is meant to be quite simple. You click on “C” in a window, come back later, and “C” is selected. You switch from corkboard to scrivenings and “C” stays selected. You move the cursor to “F” and switch to outliner, and “F” stays selected. There is no “pin” other than that, but I wouldn’t really call it a pin or a link. The only thing that is changing here is that you are switching how you are looking at a thing. Why would the thing you are looking at change if you put your sunglasses on, in other words? Why would you need a pin icon to remember it is still an orange on the desk? Maybe think of it that way instead.

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The confusion for me is that you select “C”, then even if you select “F”, “C” stays selected if you move away from it, so it’s like it’s ‘pinned’.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the corkboard
  2. Select sub document A1 (within document A)
  3. Go to Scrivenings mode. A1 is still selected (this is expected)
  4. In Scrivenings you edit A1 and move onto A2
  5. You navigate away to check another document (B)
  6. When you navigate back to A again, A1 is selected again even though you had moved onto A2

For me it’s like the corkboard selection is stuck or pinned and doesn’t change. Either that’s a feature (in which case it could perhaps be more explicit i.e. the pin icon), a bug, or just me being confused (probably the latter :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Okay, thanks for that checklist, that helped me figure out what you were seeing. Yup! That definitely looks like a bug all right. It seems to be “one behind” where it should be when you come back. If after following your steps I deliberately select A2 in the corkboard, switch to Scrivenings, and then move on to A3, it snaps back to A2. Same problem, just from a different place (to make sure it wasn’t a bug where the first child item is always selected instead).

There definitely are still some rough spots in this aspect of scrivenings/other view navigation and persistence that need to be cleared out, but this is one I don’t think we have marked down yet, so thanks!