Binder colors

I use labels with their own colors for my files and folders in the bindeer and was wondering if these colors could also made visible in the binder itself. This would give me a immediatly clearer overview of the structure of my many documents in the binder.


You can already set the icon colours to be tinted by label colour (View > Tint Icons with Label Color). By coincidence I have today also been adding the ability for the row colours in the binder to take on the binder colour, a la Finder labels.

This is v. cool…I was going to post a request for it. But perhaps it should be in the preferences – I thought I had looked all over & didn’t notice it in the view menu.

It’s in the View menu because you may not want to apply it to all projects. In the next update it appears in a View submenu entitled “Use Label Color in” which then gives a submenu with options such as, “Icons”, “Binder”, “Outliner Rows” and so on.
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