Binder colour

Try as I may, I can’t manage to change the binder purple colour.

I’m a Windows user, but it’s probably Scrivener Settings > Appearance > Binder > Binder Background on Mac.

Thanks for your reply. It’s this purple colour I want to change.
Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 09.09.19

Got you. Windows doesn’t have that level of decoration by default.
Fiddle around there. I’ve set Mac setups in pink.

How is that not a label ?

I don’t understand your comment. That it’s a label isn’t the question I asked. I want to change the purple colour.

I think that’s controlled by the Mac’s highlight colour setting. Should be in System Settings > Appearance somewhere.

Thanks. I’ve checked the appearance settings, and it seems possible to edit the colour to one I want. The rainbow circle shows, and I choose a blue shade. There doesn’t seem to be a button to click ‘okay’, and when I return to my binders, they’re still purple. Am I missing something, or is it not possible to change this colour? I can see it’s possible to change the colour in other sections and parts of the binder, but none of those options are ones I want.

The setting I use on a Mac is in Scrivener’s Appearance: Binder: Options tab, Base selection color on background color. This will produce a much more complimentary tone than the (often) loud macOS accent colours. Plus it won’t do that thing where it goes from hot pink or whatever to grey when you click over into the editor in the background. It does still shift a bit, but it is more subtle and less distracting, to my eye.

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Thanks so much for your detailed response, which seems what I’m trying to achieve. It must be me, and my total lack of technical abilities, as I attempted to carry out your advice and failed :laughing:. I suppose I need to have someone do it for me!

You may need to restart the software, then. Earlier you noted changing the system colour had no impact on the appearance, which definitely is not right. All software should switch their accent colours and selection bars immediately, as soon as you click on blue, green or whatever in System Settings.

I continue to thank you, AmberV, as I continue to embarrass myself by telling you I have no idea how to restart the software. I only have a basic understanding of the term software :laughing:. I have googled, and one set of instructions, not from Scrivener, was so challenging, when I attempted to do as told. Trying to find where the preferences folder is located left me stuck at base camp. I’m an English literary tutor, specialising in the works of Shakespeare, but the part of the brain where tech stuff can be found, is a part I rarely visit. :thinking:.

I just meant quitting the program and starting it again, not anything so intense as digging into preference folders. It might not be a waste of time to take a basic Mac tutorial at some point, if you are not sure how to quit programs you have running.

I think I understand that. Just to confirm, does quitting the programme mean quitting Scrivener, then opening it again? Or not?

Yes, from the main Scrivener menu up by the Apple menu. I suggest this because it doesn’t sound like it is reacting to your settings changes, of any kind, so it might be running in state that is not quite working right.

The question remaining, @risibilis, is, why you don’t like the flower of this purple dye.

I would prefer a more subtle shade :blush: