Binder emoji don't work on windows?

I’ve been working on some projects on mac & iPad. I’ve started using a windows 10 laptop, and I’m using dropbox to sync my Scriv projects between everything. I opened up a project with custom icons in the binder. On my ipad, it looks like this:


But then I opened it on windows and they look like this:


Which to mean looks like nothing, like crushed gibberish, like it got lost in translation.

Is there something I need to do to fix emoji’s on my windows 10 laptop? Something I need to download, install, or whatever? Like a font or something? Or some setting I can change to make it so I can actually tell what the emoji’s are? Because maybe it’s just my screen or something, but I can’t make any sense out of them on my windows laptop.

Thank you!


I can only suppose that unless you convert those to real png icons, them not being available under Windows system, Scrivener has to go with something else. (?)


But… why complain? It is obviously a shark, isn’t it?
(Just joking.) [Minusculus-megalodonus-flatipus]

There. Enjoy

Your (8.7 KB)


Just copy those to the “icons” folder of your project, then select them as the new icon for the corresponding binder documents.
It should sync cross platform after that.

It isn’t just these two across all my projects. And I’m not looking to convert every emoji apple has into a png. I mean there’s site where I could just download them if I want to do that.

Isn’t there some way to change the font family or font size in the binder? I feel like I found the setting once on Mac, but have no clue rather it even exists on Windows.

You’ll get a bigger ugly shark.

If you use text icons, don’t expect anything to match Mac’s icons when viewing the binder from a Windows installation.

I had assumed that the emoji on the Windows platform were just too small/lo-res to be clear (they do appear to be equivalent if you squint just right), but there seems to be something else at work. In this list, the shark emoji for Windows doesn’t look like that: Full Emoji List, v15.0

So, I’m not sure why the emoji look like that. If you were to copy & paste into your text, and increase the font size, does the shark remain like that, or does it take on the appearance that the website shows?

Actually, no I don’t.

stays small

They’re still tiny & too small for me to see what they are on this screen.

Edit: I do want to add that not being able to see it might have something to do with my screen, but as this is a laptop, I’m not looking to change the screen itself. Maybe you guys can see it if you squint, but me & my roommate can’t. Either way, I’m looking for something to make it bigger & more clear.

Do you mean from the binder? Because I’m confused here.


If I highlight what’s in the binder, the icon doesn’t come with.

I don’t know if this is important, but I’m on Windows 10. I know that’s not the current version but I’m not about to put win11 on this laptop.

When you assign an emoji as a binder icon, you’re just assigning a “text” value (you can even type letters, numbers etc as the icon), so you can go in and edit the “icon” to copy it, and then paste that value into any text editor. Increase the font size in that editor to see what the icon is supposed to look like at higher resolution.

I pasted the ‘shark’ into a document, increased the font size to 72, and then pasted back in the “Icon from text” back and it’s still the dash-shaped thing. Even once I hit “OK” my binder still looks the same.


It’s got to be a font size issue with the binder then. I’m not sure where on the Windows version (if anywhere) that you can increase the binder font, but I’d start looking in the Appearance section of the Preferences. Maybe there’s a slight increase in size that will make the emoji look better?

Vincent’s post above addresses this. :metal:


The text icon font size is auto-calculated to match the binder icon size. Even if you change the binder font size it will not change the text icon size. Sorry but compatibility of emoji fonts between Mac and Windows is not perfect. The best thing to do is probably convert them to icons and share a common pool of icons for all your projects. This ensures the same look on both Mac and Windows.


If you mean

then no Vincent didn’t

that screenshot is at 72 pts, the icon didn’t change in the slightest.

That actually lines up with what I see happening.

Is there some way to change the binder icon size on windows so that the text icon font size will increase to match? The emoji’s matter to me, and I don’t have time/patience to replace them with images (I use them A LOT).

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Unfortunately, the Binder icon size is fixed and cannot be changed, demonofsarila.
I just tested the shark text icon on my computer, and this is what I ended up with.

It could be that your Windows OS is using an older version of the seguiemj.ttf font. You can find and install the latest version of the font from the Internet, or try to download it from here, but I am not sure if this will work.
seguiemj.ttf (1.7 MB)

Hope this helps.

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@tiho_d Thank you for letting me know the size is fixed.

And thank you for the font file. I tried it, but no luck unfortunately. I even tried a full shutdown & reboot.

Well, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. Honestly I got this laptop second hand from someone, so maybe they did something to it???