Binder Font Colour

I don’t seem to be able to change the colour of the Binder font.

Same again for document/project notes.

I can change the font, size, style etc… as well as the colours of the background but not the colour of the font.

For me something decides if to use black or white based upon the background colour and that’s it.

Is this behaviour correct or am I missing something?

In the font chooser pop-up there is a drop down with a system cog that presents colour as an option and opens the colour selector wheel but choosing a colour there makes no difference to the font displayed.

Any help appreciated.

Personally I do not have issues with the default font colour but I do occasionally have to change background colours because of the Mears-Irlen Syndrome component of my dyslexia. Friends would not be able to use Scrivener at all as they have a different manifestation of M-IS in their dyslexia that requires both background and font colours to be changed.

I take your reply to mean that the behaviour is correct and that the font colour of the binder and project notes/document notes cannot be changed?

I don’t speak for L&L so can’t say what is or is not correct or expected behaviour. It is certainly an area that does not conform to accessibility standards that’s for sure.

I can’t think of any source list in Mac or Apple software that allows you to change the font colour - iTunes, the Finder, Mail and so on all use a set colour, so presumably they aren’t meeting whatever accessibility standards you are talking about either. :slight_smile: In Scrivener, though, unlike in most other apps, you can change the background colour and font face and size, which means we’ve never had any complaints from anyone with the problems you describe.

As for the document and project notes, those are rich text, so you can Chang the font colour inside them just as you do text in Word.

Just to be clear: the accessibility thing was a thread hijack…

On topic:
I realise you can change the font colour inside project/document notes but I was referring to setting a default which you can do with the editor pane via preferences.

Many modern text editors supply complete theme control, including file tree select type lists. See any of sublime text, atom or light table for example (which are all prime examples of where scrivener needs to head with regards to gui imo). When people stare at something all day they get pretty finicky about how things look. I know I do… :unamused:

CTRL ALT CMD 8 works :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we’ll have to disagree there. :slight_smile:

Sublime Text is probably not the best example. :smiley:

If someone wants to create a colour theme, they must learn JSON syntax and become capable of debugging syntax errors in it, edit or create configuration files with +1,000 lines of key/value pairs, acquire a breadth of knowledge on Sublime’s many configuration switches, knowing for example what the valid attributes (such as ‘layer0.inner_margin’) for such diverse occult labels as ‘fold_button_control’ are, create hundreds of complimentary graphics to re-theme the interface widgets, and build a proper Sublime package file out of it.

All of this is perhaps appropriate for a text editor aimed squarely at really super geeky computer nerds, though. It’s one of my favourite editors, don’t get me wrong, but even I wouldn’t bother with making my own theme. I have too many other things to do with my life. :slight_smile: