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I wonder if it is a way to show Status for documents in the Binder? Like a column showing “First Draft” “Revised Draft” etc. to the right.
Or, is it another way of getting an overview of the Status for each document in the Project?

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In outline view, select your manuscript. There is a little “>” above the scroll bars. Click on that and then the box next to “status” to reveal the status column. I think you can also expose it in the index cards view.

I ended up using project labels with my own status markings and colors so that when I look at the binder, I can see at a glance what needs working on. (Not my idea, I saw it someone 's blog. If I find a link to the article, I come back add it to the post.)

First let me say I’m just a user like you, not a L&L employee.

Now, to your question: In the binder? I don’t think so. Labels, yes, but not status. You could create labels for each draft and use that (if you’re not using labels for some other glorious purpose.)

Another approach that I have been successful with I learned in this post (which is definitely worth looking at!)

I am thinking about a set of icons for status information. Actually, you could mobilize colored waypoint icons for Status already. Also, the Red, Brown, Yellow, Green and Blue Book icons could stand for the Status of the Book.
It would be nice to have a set specific for Status… Something like the five icons for Battery Life.
Oh, and I use the Ticked and Unticked icons in the ToDo category, but that’s binary…
In Change Icon > Icon from text I find several sets of five icons that could assume the meaning of the different default States.
You can also enter actualy text as in: TD, IP, 1D, RD, FD, but the icons get rather small. Would T,I,R,1,2,3,F do for ToDo, In Progress, 1st - 3rd Draft, Final?





There’s a kind of sweet elegance to using a dedicated set of icons for document status in this way and preserving labels for other uses as well at the same time. Did you create those icons yourself, or are they part of a set you’ve acquired somewhere?

In any case, thanks for sharing this.

Was there a Saturday morning? :thinking: I kind of missed it…

Interesting discussion.

Sometimes I’ve used icons as as a sort of status indicator in the binder, for instance the :eye: for a doc I need to look at again lol. But are icons searchable in project search? The manual is silent on this.

If icons aren’t searchable, we can’t group them in a collection based on their state (“Documents that need to be revised”). That would limit the usefulness of using custom icons for state, at least for me.

You’d use the Outliner for that, sorting on the Status column. Icons are visual indicators of Status, and a joy to update an Icon when a doc or folder is one step further towards conclusion. Like striking through a todo-list item and hearing a nice “ping”. :grin:

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Oh, you are meaning this would be a new feature: Binder icons that change based on the Status field. Yeah, agreed, that’s a great idea. :metal: