Binder Location Halfway Down Screen

Have just updated software to version 3.3.3 on M2 Mac running Ventura 13.2. The result is that my binder is now halfway down the screen and for the life of me I can’t seem to get it to return to being a full left hand side column.
I tried to upload a screenshot but I am not at the appropriate trust level apparently.
Please help!

Many thanks

I have the same Scrivener 3.3.3 but on an Intel Mac with macOS 13.6. I don’t know if these details are pertinent or not–hunch is not pertinent, but I have nothing to support that.

If you Click on the “View” toolbar button and turn on “Collections”, then with mouse you can “grab” the line under the “Binder” heading and move it up and down. Move it up all the way, then turn off “Collections”.

Thanks for the suggestion @rms, but on attempting this I couldn’t grab and move it up any higher. It’s like it believes it is in the usual position and so has no further space above to occupy. It is the strangest thing which I assume you haven’t encountered on your update.

Thanks again for the suggestion.

I’m running 3.3.3 on an M1 MBA with Sonoma, but I don’t see this. Suggestion: what happens if you change layouts Window → Layouts? Does that reset the Binder to the top?


Also, typical troubleshooting steps for corrupted or broken UI after an update are:

  • Reinstall the software from a fresh download. Just dragging it over and replacing what is already there in Applications is fine.
  • If that does not work, or the problem is confined to one project (try opening the tutorial from the help menu, if you need an example of what should be a “clean” project with no custom settings that already has a bunch of content in it), then reset that project’s display settings.

Thanks @xiamenese, had tried this already without success.

Thanks @AmberV, this did the trick, thanks.

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