Binder not showing folders/document that are found by search.

I am working my way through the tutorial. and Part 3 disappeared from the binder. I used “search all” I searched for “Part” and it showed up before part 2 if that is any help. I have no idea how to get it to appear in the main binder nor why it disappeared from the binder. I eventually deleted the tutorial and created a new one but this is obviously not an option for a work in progress. I need to know how to recover such lost files and what might have caused it.

If you can’t locate the file in the binder, but it shows up in a search, select it from the search results. Then, use the “reveal in binder” feature (available in a contextual menu when right-clicking on the icon in the editor’s header and in the main menu… somewhere).

Also in such cases make sure that you’re showing the main Binder, not a Collection.


Thank you! umm is there a way other than collections that it could get hidden. ( I found it in the reference section So it might well have just been moved accidentally But is there a don’t show or hide command?

For individual files? No.