Binder Organisation

Small thing really (at least I think so)

I’d love to see the ability to insert a simple line into the Binder hierarchy.
My projects get extremely overloaded with files and folders and it would be wonderful to get some kind of visual separation between areas.

It’s hardly urgent but definitely something I’d love to see.

An alternative would be to allow coloured text within the Binder as the tinted icons seem to get lost in the ever-growing chaos that is my genius 8)

I don’t know whether you can manage something like this in the future or not but thanks for providing a forum for suggestions - it is greatly appreciated by this budding writer at least.

Do you mean a separator line?

Have you considered putting items into folders? everything between separators would go into a folder. then you could label each section or just put in ----- for your line. This also has the advantage of allowing you to collapse large sections…

Separator lines is exactly what I mean.

I currently have a rather heavy hierarchy of files and folders and an extra method of differentiation with a bit more ‘visual’ impact would be very beneficial for me. I realise there are workarounds like using ‘___’ as a file/folder title but I find them unsatisfactory for myself at least.
I think for me it’s a kind of psychological ‘ergonomics’. Having differing methods of separation for hierarchies allows me to give different ‘values’ to various sections without having to actively think about it. Sorry if that’s a bit abstruse (particularly for a friday evening) but then my mind’s like that… weird!

Still, as I said, hardly urgent. But, if it were easy to implement, it is something I would definitely appreciate in a later release.

Scrivener has a been a real sanity saver for me by the way - closest thing yet to perfect. :mrgreen:

My thanks.


Thanks for your suggestion.

Whilst I don’t think separate lines would be very easy or intuitive to implement, I am going to look into the possibility of having the label colour affect the the background colour of the row in the binder (optionally, of course), sort of like Finder labels. I can’t promise anything - as usual - but it is one of the things on my list to look at.

All the best,

Thanks for thinking about it - much appreciated.