Binder & outliner options

Hi all,

I’m using Beta 2.5.5 with the setup shown on the attached picture, to embolden and italicize folders and containers, respectively. However, this only displays as expected on the binder, not in the outliner, where titles show as plain text. Am I doing something wrong ir is this a bug?

The Courier Prime font I use does indeed support bold and italics. I have tried Courier and Courier New as well with the same results.

Many thanks in advance.

It’s a bug. You can partially work around it by choosing the bold variant of the font as the title font; combined with the option to embolden the folder titles, it will correctly make non folder titles in the regular variant. It won’t help with the italics, though, and it will make most of the meta-data in the outliner also use the bold variant.