binder problem

I notice that you can drag a text file to the same level as the groups. Since the icon does not change, this can get confusing in the outliner if you do not notice that you’ve done this as the file will no longer appear in the outliner. It just took me 30 min to figure out what I’d done—need more or less coffee—and I expect that others will find this confusing. I suggest that only groups that are made by the user be allowed to be moved to group level in the binder.

Hmm. I actually rather liked this change. It makes a nice place for “global” type documents such as a ToDo list.

This can now be done with a group as the group can have text at the highest level. The advantage of using a group, and not allowing text files at that level of the binder is that a group has a triangle beside it so it’s easy to see that it is at the same level as Draft—not so with text files.

Lol. This is a classic case of “Can’t please all of the people all of the time”. This is actually a change that a lot of people requested! So sorry, this one will stay. It’s kind of standard for most outliner-style apps, and as AmberV pointed out, it means you can create a top-level text item above the Draft if you want to remind you of things.

I do see your points, honest, but it’s just as easy to create a top level group— that acts like a text file—above the Draft. I’ll be surprised if others don’t get fooled by accidentally moving a text file to the top level. At least now that i know it’s possible I will be more careful (might be worth putting a note on this in your documentation. As I mentioned before, I expected stuff at the top level in the binder to have a triangle beside them.

For me, the fact that there were two documents at the top level as soon as I opened the Tutorial were a big clue that things had changed. The question is: Now that you know, will you be fooled by the behaviour again? I think a lot of things are like that. You are used to one thing, you have habits for certain behaviours, and when something changes it jars you, but it only takes one or two times for new habits to form, and eventually you end up preferring whatever you are exposed to.

I like this change, too. I now have my Concept as the global document, free of any folders.

For precision moving, I hold ‘Alt’ down while dragging my documents.