Binder query - folder empty?

Hi all.

I’m running Scriv 2.2 on Mac OS 10.6.8.

I am writing a book where in the binder each chapter is a folder, and in each folder, there’s multiple text documents (representing sections or paragraphs). Now, it used to be the case that when I clicked on the folder in the binder, it would show all the text content inside it, combined with small dividing lines. This was useful because it also totted up my combined word-counts I’d set for each individual text document. I loved to be able to work on the section level, or see the entire chapter.

Now, when I click on the folder I see nothing. No combined files, word count 0. What’s changed? Is this a setting? Can’t recall having changed anything, but it’s possible…

It sounds a tiny problem but I used this a lot, moving backwards and forwards between small chapter sections, and the entire chapter view. Would love to get the feature back (I still get this view when selecting multiple text documents).

Thanks, Sebastiaan


Please don’t take this as a fob-off, but I recommend refreshing your memory of Step 7 of the tutorial, as that will make things clear. In short, though, when you select a folder there are four view modes available: you can view the text of the folder on its own (folders are just special text documents), which is how you have things set at the moment (and as there’s no text in the folder document, it is empty), or you can view all the subdocuments of the folder on the corkboard, in the outliner, or in Scrivenings mode (which is what you want). For the latter, click on the multiple text icon on the left of the segmented control (next to the corkboard icon) in the toolbar when the folder is selected. As I say, though, a quick read-through of Step 7 of the tutorial will refresh your memory of how the view modes work.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thank you Keith - I feel embarrassed having asked - so :imp: :imp: obvious it was. Sorry! And thanks.


No need to be embarrassed! I totally understand it can get a while to get used to, but once you get how the view modes work together it can be really useful.
All the best,

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