"Binder selection only" saved collection oddity

Hi Scrivener team,

Both Windows and Mac manuals state that Searches performed using the Binder Selection Only option cannot be saved for future use. However, I’ve found that in Windows it is indeed possible to save such a collection, and that it works as expected: when selecting a folder on the binder, and then selecting the collection, the search is performed within that sub-tree.

I’ve not been able to create such a collection on the Mac version, but I can use a collection created on the Windows version and it works as expected too.

What gives?

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

This is a bug in the Windows version; the option should not be available. The binder selection is transient, so the saved collection will not show the results of the selection at the time it was made but only the selection at the time you open the collection. That may be what you’re expecting, but it’s not really consistent with the way the other collections work or what most users would probably intend with the search option, that the search show the results of that specific selection from when they first ran the search. Keep in mind too that although you’re running the search on a folder with subdocuments, it can be run on any binder selection, not just containers. It’s natural to assume that that selection would be saved in the collection, but since it cannot be, the collection would show far different results from the expected.

Thanks for your explanation, Jennifer. However, perhaps I’m missing the point because I see things differently. Please allow me to comment on that.

For me it’s more natural to assume that the Binder Selection Only option means “whatever your binder selection might be at the time you invoke the saved search collection”, so I’d never experience any results other that expected.

I don’t see any inconsistency. Consider the Draft only option, which means “whatever your Draft contents might be at the time you invoke the saved search collection”. I hardly think most users would expect that in such a case the saved search considers the contents of the draft at the time the collection was created. :exclamation:

Besides, based on this equivalent meaning of both search options, they act like a natural filter completely consistent among them and with the “Current selection” option used to define the compile group at compile time.

Maybe it’s not a bug at all, but a new case of serendipity.

I’d like to kindly ask for this not to be considered a “bug” to be fixed on the Windows version, and also considered to make the Mac version’s behaviour equivalent instead.

Many thanks for you time.

Well, we are tossing around some ideas for a future version which may address what you’re after in all this. It’s just a matter making it work in a visible fashion, so it’s clear what’s going on with the collection and not so open to confusion. We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks. On the mean time I’ll stick to create the collections of this kind on Windows, so I can use them on both platforms.