Binder Snapshots

It would be very useful to be able to output the Binder itself as a text file–meaning the actual index/side banner.

As I play with names for chapter I would love to be able to take a snapshot of the names of the chapters as they are now and save it is a text file. And then be able to edit names, play with the text while the Binder itself is unchanged.

I haven’t found a way to do this—though I suppose compile with only title selected (no text) in the contents pane would sort of accomplish this.

You could export to OPML format, which will export an outline you can open in any outliner. Or, as you say, you can just export the titles using Compile, and use the Formatting pane to add spaces or tabs before the title at each level if you want to represent the structure in some way in a plain text file.

All the best,

Thanks. I’ll have to learn about OPML–so how do you export just the Binder icons and titles in that format?