Binder structure and titles - flat list, full-screen view

When I set up my binder structure, the titles and nested structure of documents, folders, etc. has a specific and useful meaning to me, and I can quickly scan the structure. Others would have a different but equally useful (to them) meaning to their binder structure.

The same list of documents/folders appears in places other than the binder e.g.

  1. Compile Draft shows the flat list with check-boxes for inclusion
  2. View/Editor/Go To shows the flat list for navigation
  3. Compile Draft shows nested structure under Choose Folder

Assuming the binder structure has meaning to its user, it would be quite useful if those other lists consistently showed some indication of the nesting structure, even with something as simple as leading spaces or indents. e.g. #3 does this well, while #1 and #2 lose that structure.

[And no worries, I won’t raise this request again].