Bit quiet this year...

I see from the Nanowrimo website that Scrivener is sponsoring it again but not much mention on here.

Clearly because we’re all busy plotting our novels. :slight_smile: Keith doesn’t know it, but he and I are word-warring this year. It will be epic. If I win, I’m taking over the company.

Eek, in which case, all hail Jennifer, our new commander-in-chief (or Emperor of the Universe, my preferred title).

Does this mean we have to come up with an alternative name for Jennifer? How abut Jill? Or Jackie? Any preferences?

I wonder if the quietude has to do with the NaNo site relaunch. They haven’t reinstated the email system that lets Municipal Liaisons send out mass emails to their regions, and the previously emailed links to regional forums are now inoperable. I know my region’s forums are pretty quiet, and I suspect that like a friend of mine, they’re expecting the old links to start working again, and so don’t look any further.

Hmm, it does roll trippingly off the tongue. I could go for that. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the relaunch and some of the features not yet in place (buddies, etc.) might be related. Though I haven’t really hung out in these forums during past Novembers, so I don’t know what the usual activity is on the L&L site vs. the NaNo forums. So what do we all chat about over here? How’s the outlining and world-buildling and snack-collecting going? I’m really behind on the last one. I always think I can wait until the day after Hallowe’en to get chocolate cheap, but all the good stuff is always sold out, so you’d think I’d learn.

Surely, it has to be “Hotblack Desiado II”. No? Or should it be “Hotblack Desiado III” as maybe Keith has taken the former as his ineffable effable, effanineffable, deep and inscrutable singular name.


Yes. Sorry. I am usually out beating the bushes, drumming up customers/wrimos. (I will be buying two more licenses for Xmas presents this year.) I have moved up the food chain over in NaNoland and have been beta-testing like a fiend. I have not been over here in Scrivenerland for MONTHS. I miss you all.

Having said that, I have gotten a short published and won a contest using Scrivener so all hail the Emperor… or whatever he’s calling himself this week.

Yeah… I am catching up on my reading… :wink: and wondering off topic.

Apollo16 in both the NaNoverse and Scrivenerland

Missed your contributions, too, Apollo. And congrats re publication and contest triumph.