Bizarre AutoCorrect Activity


I’m a bit of a latecomer to auto correct but having finally discovered it, I’ve been delighted with the time savings. Until now, when it seems to have lost its mind.

An example. I type
good space and any letter – let’s say:

good t

And the program changes it to:


I’ve gone into the Corrections/Edit Substitutions menu and added goof>good but it doesn’t work. Obviously can’t add goof.letter since there are so many of them, plus symbols, numbers, etc.

I also right-clicked on good and looked for a list of similarly spelled words so I could move good to the top, but there was no list.

Have read a discussion here about a related problem. That’s where I got the tip about right-clicking. But can’t seem to find my precise gremlin.

I have a similar problem with words like through and shrimp. When I type thro the program changes the r to e, so it reads theough. When I hit the spacebar it becomes through. The same for shrimp. I type shri and it becomes sheimp until I hit space and then it corrects to shrimp. The reason these correct is because I’ve entered them in the corrections database and they work. There are others I’ve similarly dealt with. Can’t recall them all. I’ve entered a lot of words in that database.

I know there are more of these to come. If the problem could be fixed now, it would save me a lot of time and effort.

No idea if these are related (multiple glitches, perhaps reinstall software?) but the convert to em dash function no longer works. Ditto my Save on Close. I’ve checked my settings for both and they seem fine.

Hoping someone can give me a hand with this. Writing for NaNo and every little problem slurps up time and concentration.

Many thanks,

Hmm… just you Skid. Not getting that at all. Auto correct works just fine here.

skidawayme - do you have some other program tracking your typing or doing spell checking while you type or something else watching what you type the could be interfering with Scrivener’s autocorrect?

Hi Steve:

Not that I know of. I’m not quite sure what to check for but will give it a go. This is a new phenomenon, never encountered it before and have been using Scrivener since 2011. It’s actually gotten worse since I posted. Yikes.

Thanks for answering!


You can see what is starting up with SysInternals autoruns (now owned by Microsoft)

You might also try two more tests:

  1. Plug in a different keyboard! Maybe your keyboard is weird
  2. Reboot in safe mode and see if the problem persists

If the problem doesn’t happen in safe mode, then something is running that screws things up.