Blacklisted license code for Scapple Windows; previously purchased license code for Mac that worked

I just purchased a license for Scapple for Windows (see receipt below) but when I enter the license code it says that I am blacklisted and immediately quits.

I recently purchased a license for Scapple for macOS also, which worked fine on my Mac.

What do I need to do to license Scapple on my Windows computer so I don’t get the blacklisted error?

Hi jlamusic, and welcome to the forum.

Licensing issues are often better handled through the emails on our contact us page. We try not to address licensing issues on the public forum due to security and privacy concerns.

With that said, I have a couple of suggestions you can try.

On past help tickets, I’ve had users report that “pirated license” error when something on the computer blocks Scapple’s communication with the licensing servers.

The usual suspects are anti-virus, firewall, proxy, or VPN software. Please restart your computer in Safe Mode with Networking. Next, please open Scapple and attempt to activate its license again.

You can find instructions on booting into Safe Mode With Networking on this Microsoft Support page.

This should stop any other software interfering with communication to our licensing servers and enable you to re-enter your license and activate it successfully.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s possible that our licensing system has been included in a list of blocked websites on your PC.

Please use Windows File Explorer to navigate to:


Then open the hosts file in Notepad as an administrator. Look for a line []( and if you find it then delete it. Do the same for anything with Paddle in the line. Save the hosts file, reboot the PC and then try opening Scapple and activating it again.

If neither of those resolves the issue, please open a new help ticket by emailing In your message, please indicate that you posted on the forum and include a link to this thread.

That way, whomever gets your ticket doesn’t repeat these troubleshooting steps.

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